Guest Lecture By Ketan Bhagat At Desh Bhagat University

“If you dare to take risks in life, have the ability to think a little differently and if you are determined to attain your goals, then success and happiness are not far away from you”, said famous writer and motivator Mr. Ketan Bhagat. He was delivering a guest lecture on ‘Developing a Personality for Successful Life’ at Desh Bhagat University.

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Ketan Bhagat is a motivational speaker and the author of Complete/Convenient. He is also the brother of Chetan Bhagat, the biggest bestselling author of India. I couldn’t resist, so I asked some inappropriate questions about that too. You can catch more about him on his website or Follow him on Twitter @ketanbhagat1 , and he is going to be at Panchkula Lit Fest on the 20th of December. We will be at Panchkula Lit Fest on both 20th & 21st December. Tie up with us either @ishaanlalit or @rasenshruken for Kartik Lalit. To get more stuff, subscribe to us at YouTube