“My first book was criticized for being thick” – Ketan Bhagat

Ketan Bhagat – An exclusive blend of self discovery and reality

The surname is familiar and the name as well is quite rhyming. Being the author of Complete/Convenient and Child/God, he is also a motivational speaker. He talks like a common man. His words describe the struggles of an individual trying to keep up the pace with people’s expectation. Now when both the sexes are considered equal and are in the same boat, stories on woman get more focus than man and so he tends to write on ‘man’ and from a man’s point of view.

In this chat, we get to know a bit more about Ketan Bhagat, who apart from being an author holds a Managerial position in an MNC here in India and that he is currently loving the process of discovery of his own self.

Tell us something about Ketan Bhagat and the Journey till date?

Regular man who was enjoying life in Australia till one day he realized the world was losing interest in him. Marriage, salary, health, appearance… suddenly everything wasn’t going uphill anymore. As life started becoming more and more about managing bills, stress, deadlines, relationships etc., I found myself living a life where I had to work hard just to remain at the level I had reached. It was tiring, boring and felt empty. I wasn’t creating anything new. The level above me was even more difficult to reach and seemed even more boring and empty.

That’s when I decided to actually do something about the advice I had been getting from friends and family for years. Writing. Since Chetan Bhagat, my elder brother, was already the numero uno writer in India, I knew my rhyming first name and the common surname would help me get published and noticed.

The journey turned out to be nastier than expected. Its only when you write that you actually start appreciating writers. More so the ones who have actually made it big. I sucked in both writing and promoting myself. But God and readers have been kind. Despite the many goof ups, I have managed to carve a small niche for myself. In the process, I had an interesting brief encounter with Bollywood when Rahul Roy attempted making a movie on my first book and also became a regular motivational speaker. Both these developments weren’t part of the plan but are significant milestones of my journey.

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