Kavis Take: Child/God – Ketan Bhagat. My review: 4 / 5

My review:

Out of sheer curiosity, I picked up the book and I feel good that I wasn’t wrong I picking this. It’s a great tale and maybe for the first time has parenthood been discussed from a fathers point of view. It’s refreshing to know how much and whom all can a child influence.

Child always is known to have a drastic change in a mother’s life. We all know that. This book tells about how a father feels about a child. Interesting precept to see the world through child’s eyes.

Very fluent narration and even for once you won’t feel bored or not connected to the story. Somewhere I even felt it as a story of the author and his brother too. Thanks to their sharing the same passion for writing. It sounds like his family story. No I’m not saying in a negative way.Loved the way the author has spoken about fatherhood and weaved this story.


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