Reviews On Novel Child/God
By Kamal Paneru

The story is about the Raghav Malhotra who has enjoyed ruined childhood & life up to the marriage. Completely careless, not sincere and moron Raghav is the husband of most beautiful wife Leela and brother of high professional Rishi Malhotra who is the author of blockbuster novels and scripts. Things change when he completes a novel and asks his brother to help in it. The big brother neglects his demands with buttering. The situations become worst with the rejection of book by publisher, demoralization by family and fight with the working wife. Its all about how he conquers the scattered things and how becomes sincere with the new entry of god in his life in the face of infant. Raghav Malhotra becomes “The Raghav Malhotra” with the time and finds his own strength but how… to know, you would have to read the book.

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