Guess who is not reading Chetan Bhagat? His brother Ketan Bhagat

Meet Ketan Bhagat. Bestselling author Chetan Bhagat’s kid brother who is not part of the big, fat “CB Family” that drools over every word Chetan writes, who told his brother 10 years ago that the smashing hit One Night @ the Call Centre would not work, who was bullied by his big brother when he was growing up, and who now describes his relationship with his brother as “cordial”.

Two books down, Ketan is a bestselling author himself – whatever the word bestselling translates into. At 39, he has seen a lot of life. From cleaning bathrooms in a 5-star hotel, to a stint in Singapore’s IT sector, to his current trips to the family court to seek permission to meet his six-year old.

But there’s something about this Bhagat – he is down-to-earth and affable, and when he flip-flops, you know he is doing it for the sake of Big Brother.


Edited excerpts:

LH: Have you read One Indian Girl – Chetan’s latest?

KB: I have read Chetan’s initial books. I haven’t read One Indian Girl. How is it?

LH: You say your stories begin where Chetan’s end. Please elaborate.

KB: Most stories that Chetan writes — Five Point Someone, One Night @ The Call Centre — are stories about young people who are faced with a dilemma — a career of their choice or a partner of their choice. Or his stories are about college students.

My protagonists are people who already have a career and a partner — my stories are about what happens to them after that.

In my first book Complete/Convenient the guy marries the girl of his choice within the first 50 pages of the book and he gets his dream posting too. That is the ending for most Chetan Bhagat books.


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