Book Review: Child/God (Ketan Bhagat) by Ashwini Bagga

The moment I heard about this book “Child/God” the first impression that I portrayed in my mind was a book about the relationship between a child and father. An imaginary series of events lined-up in my nerves about the ways of raising a child and revering the pristine soul like a God. I had prefixed it as the only subject and concern of the book. But, the things came out far different that were beyond the reach of my imagination and comprehension. Landing to an outlying platform beyond one’s customary approach the author has proved his outlandish perspicacious writing skills that have left me stunned and amazed.



I was very eagerly waiting for the book and the day when it arrived it inundated my senses. Yeah, the overwhelming size of the book surprised me as it did not match with any other book that I had in my bookshelf. Probably the author and the publisher must have customarily done this to keep the book precise within the range of 350 pages. Otherwise, it would have become a bulky edition, but no doubt it is. This was one of the several reasons that I took too much time out of my hectic work schedule to finish it up. When I was through with the book it didn’t let me stop reading till I reached the last page.


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