Author’s Interview- Questionnaire with Ketan Bhagat author of ‘Child/God’

How did you first get involved in with writing, are you an imaginative person?

People sometimes compliment me for my creativity. I, however, think that I am a philosopher hidden inside a stand up comedian. I first got involved in writing during my MBA days in Mumbai. A friend of mine was involved with a music channel and they needed scripts for a show. I cracked a few jokes at the audition and was selected. Helped me make good pocket money. After college, I left Mumbai and also this hobby.

Then years later, Chetan (my elder brother) dabbled into writing and ended up becoming the most popular and successful writer of his times. As Chetan kept climbing the popularity charts, many friends urged me as well to start writing again. But I wasn’t interested and was also scared. After all, my becoming a writer is akin to Abhishek Bachchan and Sohail Khan becoming actors J

Then five years ago I came back to India and somehow became old, bored and thick-skinned enough to look inside me on what would interest me now. That’s when I decided to plunge into writing again.

What do you find most challenging about your writing?

My biggest challenge is to write something that I am proud of.

Nowadays it is also becoming about meeting expectations of the people. By the grace of God, ‘Child/God’ has garnered loads of appreciation. The flipside is that now people just won’t compare me with Chetan Bhagat but also my own past work.


What do you do when you are not writing?

A regular MNC job and motivational lectures keep my schedule fairly busy. I am also a serious student of the Holy Geeta. Bulk of my non-writing time goes in these three pursuits.

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