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From the outside, Ketan is a typical 35 year old middle class common man living in Mumbai. Other than being the brother of India’s and probably the world’s most influential writer and often being complimented for his sense of humor, Ketan’s persona is so common that he doesn’t even need to describe it.. just look around and you will see someone like him… protruding waistline, fast receding hairline, limping middle management professional position, honeymoon time with the child (anywhere between 1 – 5 years), marriage which is just beginning to get old and ‘itchy’, stressed at work, struggling at gym and bored at home. Still getting used to being called an ‘uncle’, forgetting Valentine’s Day but always remembering to catch up with old friends over drinks…. often found discussing salaries of others (esp those of bosses and other ‘lucky’ colleagues), the current price of the match box sized 2 or 3 bhk he accidentally ‘bought’ few years ago, new housing projects coming up nearby or the sexy executive assistant of some vice president in office …. That’s Ketan Bhagat! present everywhere, noticed nowhere.

Yet, scratch the surface and you would uncover a zealous storyteller waiting to take you through a transformational journey he experienced few years ago.

About a decade ago, Ketan stepped out of his country with feelings similar to that of Kabir, our story’s main protagonist. About two years ago, as a transformed Ketan took a one-way flight from Sydney to Delhi, his feelings were again similar to those of Kabir in our story. These feelings are common to every Indian who passes through India’s International airports.

In his 7 years outside India, Ketan has not only experienced his own wave of emotions about India but also closely observed those of hundreds of NRIs. Each one of them, no matter how long they have been outside, misses India. Sometimes with as much passion as they deny this feeling. Why? Simply because no matter how chaotic, crowded, difficult and filthy Indian life is, it is complete. Just like the life outside India is as lonely and incomplete as it is materialistically complete.

Professionally, Ketan joined Satyam Computer Services (the company that Mr Ramalinga Raju made both famous and infamous) post his MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute in 2001. After a 1.5 year stint of trying to learn programming and Tamil, destiny finally took mercy on the young, frustrated North Indian and made Satyam show him little bit of the world – 2 years in Malaysia, 9 months in NZ and 4 years in Australia. About 2 years ago, he moved back to India. Currently he works as a regional sales manager at an MNC in Mumbai. Creative at heart, Ketan has done stints in Television (anchor, script writer) and Print (articles in national dailies) during his college days. Few years ago, he helped his brother script a Bollywood movie.

How is life outside India? Like they show in ‘Karan Johar’ type of Bollywood movies!

How is life in India? Like they show in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ type of Hollywood movies!

Have you ever wondered why NRIs long for India? Sitting on their pile of dollars, freedom, cleanliness and convenience, they often talk about the land full of scams, jams, crowds and corruption.

Just like a real life is full of fantasy dreams, can a fantasy life be full of ‘reality’ dreams?

What is it about an Indian life that fascinates those living outside it… even those who voluntarily left it themselves?

Welcome to the world of Kabir, a twenty-something software sales professional aspiring to relocate overseas. Charming, humorous, street smart and interesting, Kabir is a typical boy who loves life. The kind of boy usually Ranbir Kapoor plays in movies. Living in Mumbai with his best friend, who is his complete opposite and a walking-talking ‘excel sheet’, and in regular touch with his forthright girlfriend and family in Delhi, Kabir’s life is full on.

Elated on being transferred to Australia, Kabir quickly gets married and hops onto the next flight to Sydney. Dazzled by the glamorous free-spirited Aussie world, the newly-married honeymooning couple soon find themselves living a life beyond their rosiest imaginations. A quick professional success acts as a further icing on the cake.

But as time flies and the humdrum of married and professional life take over, realizations of loneliness and helplessness underlying an envious NRI life begin to surface. Worst come, the relationships left behind are beginning to wither. As his best friend and family battle through unexpected crisis and Kabir himself gets embroiled in professional challenges, balancing between the two worlds – Australia and India – becomes a stressful lone battle.

Based on emotions that every NRI and people related to NRI go through, "Complete / Convenient" sensitively journeys through characters and situations that the author, like every NRI, personally experienced during his stint out of India (including four years in Sydney).

I dedicate this book to Rian (the living god in our house) and Pia (the love of my life).

Both of you make my world so complete.

Sincere thanks to my mother… its true, God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers!

A heartfelt thanks to my elder brother, Chetan Bhagat. If he wouldn’t have been a writer, I wouldn’t have dared writing a book.

Complete/Convenient couldn’t have been possible without the following people:

     1. Endless reviews of the manuscript
          a. Indranil Mukherjee
          b. Priya Jathar
          c. Khurshid Dalal
          d. Dr Anurag Anand
          e. Manoj Agarwal
          f. Dr Aparna Chatopadhyaya
          g. Ritika Sarin
          h. Rimi Das
          i. Deepak Sooden
          j. Ruchika Sooden
          k. Amit Choudhary
          l. Sunita Menon
          m. Pooja Dharamshi
          n. Preity Zankar
          o. Rachna Palit
          p. Vijosh Ammayath
          q. Navjot Lamba
          r. Anuradha Dubey
          s. Deviya Prabhakar
     2. Infinite requirements, changes and effort required to build and maintain this website
          a. Siva Rama Krishna
     3. Photography - for making me look so good
          a. Neil Lamba
     4. Legal
          a. Rajesh Khanna
     5. Mentoring & Guidance
          a. Sheshagiri Anegondi
          b. Namit Sinha
          c. Jagat Yagnik
          d. Nikhil Gundale
          e. Amrita Singh (The Little Company)
          f. Ashish Bhushan (Times Group)
     6. The entire team of Srishti for putting so much dedication and passion into this project.

Srishti stands for creation, and has been referred since time immemorial to the creation of the world by Brahma. Srishti Publishers was set up with the objective of creating a unique set of books that provide unmatched reading pleasure to people across the country. In the last fifteen years, they have come a long way and have added myriad feathers to their cap. Although Srishti now offers a plethora of genres to choose from and authors from all parts of the country irrespective of the age or sex divide, it began with compilations of memorable quotations from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

With the passage of time, Srishti published works of great philosophers of the likes of the Dalai Lama, Kahlil Gibran, Kafka, Saki, among others and made classics easily available to the masses. Srishti has particularly distinguished itself in translations from Oriya, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi over a period of time.

The year 2006 proved to be a turning point for Indian reading experience as the publishing industry saw the dawn of popular fiction like never before, read and authored by people who had formerly shirked from books. Srishti now is a pioneer in quality production of such titles. It has not only given a platform to budding, debutant authors, but has also made quality books available at affordable prices across India.

Today, Srishti has on board children, teens, women and aged people, not just as readers, but authors too. With almost 350 plus titles to boast of, Srishti specializes in publishing books in genres as diverse as Astrology, Biography, Children’s Literature, Culture, Health, Fiction, Management, Philosophy, Plays, Self-Help, Translations, among various others.

With the firm faith that everyone has a story to tell, Srishti proudly continues to give a platform to budding authors and making their stories heard to the world.