About Child/God


“God comes into every house in the form of a child.”

Naked, helpless, powerless, wealth-less, illiterate and ignorant, newborns arrive happy, positive, full of smiles and love. Every child is unique and perfect. The world stops to comfort a crying child.

The well-dressed, independent, power-hungry, wealthy, educated and worldly-wise adults are imperfect, frustrated, bitter and stressed.

Yet, grown-ups teach children. The stressed mentor the stress-free. The unhappy correct the happy. The confused guide the wise.

Welcome to the world of Raghav Malhotra, a typical MNC drone. Haunted by a guilty past, our common man struggles to serve a thankless spouse, a condescending family and a ruthless boss.

Inevitably, Raghav’s life collapses like a house of cards. Violence, whores, alcohol and drugs follow.

Till God himself arrives.

You’ve read many stories about motherhood transforming a woman. Now, follow Raghav on his self-enlightenment journey through the joys of fatherhood. Child/God is a riveting story of a thirty-five-year-old disciple learning the meaning of life from his six-month-old guru. Discover how Raghav’s living God transforms his life – and yours.