4.5 / 5 – Child/God by Ketan Bhagat

I picked up this book, flipped the pages and the only thought on my mind was ‘How am I going to finish reading this book over the weekend in spite of having a wedding to attend!’ I started to read with this thought but I was glued on to the book. All that I wanted to do was to turn the page and read further. I couldn’t put this book down at all.


Talking about the story, it is very well crafted. The flow of the incidents, the manner in which they are presented, a few of those italicized thoughts in between makes it an awesome read. The language is lucid and narration can be called next to perfect. The characters have been developed very well. It will be wrong on my part if I don’t mention that the characters of this book have become a part of my life. I could easily connect with them. For many times, I felt they were for real.

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